See some of the ways CultureX’s platform can add measurable value to your organization

  • Surface and Address Red Flags

    Protect your organization from legal and reputational risk

    Anything could be hiding in that data.

    Large organizations risk drowning in a sea of free text data. Vital information is left unread in employee feedback, including potentially explosive red flags. Employee lawsuits for gender and racial discrimination, events that will lead to reputational damage, fraud, and toxic managers who drive employees to quit or sue: some or all of these costly red flags are likely contained within the free text data you already own, and if you own the data you may be legally accountable for acting on it. CultureX helps clients identify and address these red flags, analyzing hundreds of thousands of employee voices quickly and accurately with a natural language processing platform tailor-built for this use case. Protect your organization legally and reputationally and give yourself peace of mind with CultureX.

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    Spot and Address Red Flags


    Issues you need to know about

    From sexual misconduct, to fraud, to racial discrimination, anything could be hidden in plain sight in a large enough text data set. CultureX tells you before the lawsuit, allowing you to address the issue.

    Identify high-risk managers

    Analyze manager feedback to see which managers are highest risk for a lawsuit, a serious integrity issue, or driving their employees to quit. Address toxicity to start building a strong, positive culture.

    Picks up on subtle signals

    Big signals are essential to identify, but enough small signals can be just as telling. CultureX’s platform is designed to pick up on subtle, hard-to-catch signals that can be a vital part of the story.

  • Measure and Improve Your Culture

    Answer the question “what is my culture?” with accuracy and insight

    If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

    Culture matters. Wharton research found that strong culture is associated with an 18% higher share price over 5 years, and another study found 77% of employees consider a company’s culture before applying there. But what is culture, and how can organizations measure it? Relying on anecdotes, gut feeling, a small sample size of peers, or Likert-scale surveys that reduce answers down to a number is not an effective way to measure culture. Listening to what large numbers of employees say is. CultureX measures hundreds of cultural topics and identifies what is top of mind for employees and how issues can be actionably addressed. With our natural language processing platform developed at MIT, we quickly and accurately identify exactly what your culture is and how you can measurably improve it.

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    Measure and Improve your Corporate Culture


    See the Big Picture

    CultureX measures over 150 cultural topics, so anything employees talk about will be measured with minimal survey fatigue. Identify not only what is going well, but also what is top of mind.

    Gain Actionable Insights

    Employee language not only allows us to measure culture, it also reveals how to improve it. CultureX uses employees’ distinctive language to advise clients exactly how they can improve the culture, and where in the organization they should prioritize.

    Identify Micro-Cultures

    See how the culture lives across different functions, business groups, countries, and more, identifying pockets of cultural excellence and areas that need more attention.

  • Understand and Act on the Voice of the Employee

    Employees are writing books for you—are you opening them?

    The answers you need are probably already on your server.

    It is important for organizations to understand what employees say is working, what is not working, and what matters to them. In a meta-analysis of over 1000 studies, researchers found that voice of the employee is highly correlated with individual and organizational performance, among other attributes. Unstructured data is growing at a rapid rate, and textual employee feedback is plentiful. Organizations need a way to make sense of the employee voice, rather than ignoring their data or creating ineffective word clouds. CultureX’s natural language processing platform was developed at MIT for the sole purpose of making sense of employee feedback, and allows clients to hear, understand, and act on the voice of the employee.

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    Understand and Act on the Voice of the Employee


    Understand what Matters Most

    Measure how frequently, as well as how positively, employees bring up hundreds of issues, revealing what is top of mind in your organization.

    Gain Actionable Insights

    Leverage the voice of the employee to understand not just what the issue is, but how to improve it, according to the employees who likely know best.

    Minimize Survey Fatigue

    When possible, CultureX measures culture with data organizations already have, completely eliminating survey fatigue. If not, our short surveys greatly reduce survey fatigue.

  • Unleash a Culture of Agility

    Measurably improve your agility with a globally recognized thought leader

    It pays to be quick.

    A recent McKinsey study found that a successful agile transformation is associated with a 20% to 30% improvement in financial performance. However, many large organizations struggle with agility. In the Culture 500, a study of 1.4 million employees of large American employers, agility was spoken about more negatively than any other cultural value measured. CultureX has a long track record of helping organizations measure and improve their cultures of agility. Co-Founder Don Sull has published five books about agility and execution and is the creator of the Strategic Agility Project on MIT Sloan Management Review. He has advised the top teams of dozens of Fortune 500 companies on this matter and now, leveraging CultureX’s employee listening technology, is better positioned than ever to help your organization unleash a culture of high agility.


    Tailored Insights

    See how your organization performs across different facets of agility—like bureaucracy and empowerment. Get actionable, proven next steps and learn exactly where in your organization to apply them.

    Achieve Best Practices

    Don Sull has developed a survey that has been taught at MIT and London Business School, and featured on the cover of Harvard Business Review. It can help your organization understand and achieve best practices, as it has for more than 700 other organizations.

    Rich Benchmarking

    See how your culture of agility compares to industry peers, as well as best-in-world agility cultures like Netflix, NVIDIA and Tesla.

  • Measurably Improve Diversity and Inclusion

    Make your organization work for all of its employees, measurably

    Diversity and Inclusion is too rich and challenging to be reduced to a number.

    Diversity and inclusion is an imperative in today’s business environment, and a recent study by McKinsey found considerable links between D&I and financial performance. But how can organizations measure and improve diversity and inclusion? With CultureX’s approach, every employee gets a voice, using a quick free-text survey. They speak up about what is working with diversity and inclusion, what is not working, and how it can be addressed. From these rich, often challenging conversations, CultureX uncovers distinctive, nuanced narratives from the highest-risk groups. Grounded in the organized words and suggestions of employees at greatest risk of marginalization, CultureX shows clients how they can measurably improve their diversity and inclusion in the highest-impact ways, and where in the organization they should focus their efforts.


    Thousands of Conversations

    Have scalable conversations, rather than reducing D&I to a number on a survey. Embrace the richness of employees’ voices around this challenging topic.

    Hear Voices that Need to Be Heard

    Amplify distinctive narratives from voices that risk going unheard. Make sense of thousands of voices in a meaningful and actionable way.

    Rich Benchmarking

    See how your diversity and inclusion compares to industry peers. Compare your diversity and inclusion to best-in-world cultures, like Cummins and HP, Inc.

  • Merger and Acquisition Cultural Management

    Surface and address cultural mismatches before they destroy value

    Over 70% of mergers and acquisitions fail, and you can prevent the biggest reason.

    A KPMG survey of 550 executives concluded that cultural issues are the #1 most consistently challenging integration issue after a merger. McKinsey reported a different survey that found over 50% of companies that do not effectively manage culture fail to achieve their synergy targets. Depending on the size of the merger, cultural mismatches can destroy hundreds of millions, or even billions, of dollars. CultureX shows clients where they should expect cultural synergies and mismatches and what they will look like. Then, CultureX shows clients what concrete steps they should take to address the issues, and measurably improve them.


    Identify what the mismatches are

    CultureX measures over 150 cultural topics, from accountability to pet friendliness. The platform works in over 100 languages. If employees voice a cultural mismatch, we will identify it.

    Identify where the mismatches live

    We measure how culture lives in different parts of the merging organizations, and will identify which functions, business units, or countries are highest risk for mismatch, and how.

    Address the mismatches

    Employee language not only allows us to measure culture, it also reveals how to improve it. By incorporating employee feedback, we offer clients tailored, high-impact steps towards a more culturally harmonious merger or acquisition.

What Our Clients Say


“Would highly recommend CultureX”

CultureX’s technology, coupled with their thought leadership, is groundbreaking. They helped me and our people leadership team make sense of our culture in a whole new way and identified very concrete, unintuitive, and actionable steps that have led to measurable results for us. Would highly recommend CultureX and believe they are doing something no one else on the market is doing.

- Lindsay King, Global VP, People Continuity, AB-InBev

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