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Our leadership team has been researching these issues for decades, teaching them at institutions like Harvard and MIT, and working with companies to tackle them in the wild.
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The same thinkers who are writing about culture in MIT Sloan Management Review and Harvard Business Review will be advising you directly.
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We leverage our research network at MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge, and other institutions to find the latest evidence-based approaches to improving culture.
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Our leadership team has directly advised the top teams of over 50 Fortune Global 1000 companies, including Coca-Cola, HSBC, Levi Strauss, Microsoft, and Samsung.

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Our leadership team has spent the past 3 years studying the cultures of hundreds of the largest and most influential companies in America. Using millions of Glassdoor reviews, we analyze how they stack up across the values that matter the most.


Drawing on decades of research at Harvard Business School, London Business School, and MIT, this series by our leadership team, published by MIT Sloan Management Review, gives organizations practical advice for building their agility and execution muscles.



In what one Bloomberg reporter called “the nerd book of the summer”, CultureX co-founder Don Sull puts forward a novel and evidence-based way to manage complexity. An invaluable tool for strategy execution with suprising applications for day-to-day life, Simple Rules are nearly as entertaining as they are incisive.


This article by CultureX’s leadership team tackles five commonly held myths of strategy execution, and offers an evidence-backed way forward. Drawing on our survey of 8,000 managers, we explore what a healthy culture of execution means and how it can be achieved, practically.


In “one of the ideas that has shaped business management over the past century” (The Economist), CultureX co-founder Don Sull explores why good companies go bad over time, and how this can be stopped. Essential reading for leaders in mature organizations, or anyone interested in agility.


At CultureX, we get by with a little help from our friends. The CultureX platform is used to power some of the latest scholarly research on corporate culture at institutions like Cambridge and INSEAD. We are always collaborating on the latest ways to measure and improve culture with leading academics at institutions like MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, and the University of Chicago. So if you are interested in measuring candid discussions, it can be valuable to have a leading academic who has studied the topic for decades identify what language employees use to discuss the issue, and propose evidence-backed ways to improve.


The ivory tower can be a little drafty. Our leadership team has decades of experience translating the best of academia into tailored, actionable takeaways that organizations can use to achieve their objectives in the wild. Our co-founder Don Sull has directly advised the top teams of over 50 Fortune Global 1000 companies, including Burberry, Johnson & Johnson, Pepsi, PWC, RBC, and State Farm. See what “a rising star in the new generation of management gurus” (The Economist) and “one of 10 new management gurus” (Forbes) can do for your organization.
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