Win On Culture

Culture is worth more than 20% of market capitalization, but is it an asset or liability? Use groundbreaking AI from MIT to unlock this value, satisfy your employees, and build a culture that wins your game.
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Improving Results at Leading Organizations

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Improve Culture to Drive Results

Use data and cutting-edge insights to improve employee engagement and business results.
Talent Attraction
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Toxic Culture
Other Key Outcomes
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Replacing an employee can cost companies up to twice the employee’s annual salary.1 Identify inexpensive, high-impact ways to retain your best people.
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Increasing organizational agility can boost operational performance by 50%.3 Learn how to build an agile culture from one of the world’s leading experts on agility.4

CultureX Thought Leadership Featured In

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Traditional Approach
Facing a long list of repetitive questions, employees switch off. In a typical engagement survey, more than 70% of employees will exhibit significant autopilot, paying little attention to the question being asked.

The Old Way of Listening Isn’t Working

Organizational leaders traditionally measure culture by asking employees dozen(s) of one-to-five point scale questions. This approach has three limitations: 
Employees Switch to Autopilot
Surveys Tell Employees What Should Matter
Can’t Tell Why They Gave The Answer 

CultureX Gives Every Employee A Voice

CultureX harnesses cutting-edge AI from MIT and globally recognized thought leadership to understand employee feedback and measurably improve culture.
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Thought Leadership

Clients work directly with thought leaders, whose research on culture has been read by millions.
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Cutting-Edge AI

Groundbreaking AI developed at MIT allows you to understand employee feedback at scale.
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Evidence Based

Make culture tangible with data. Identify the most powerful cultural drivers of critical outcomes using a Nobel Prize-cited methodology.

The CultureX Approach


enabled by AI that thinks like a Professor at scale


informed by globally recognized thought leadership


that improves organizations and the lives of their employees

What Clients Are Saying About CultureX

Headshot Photo of AB-InBev US Chief People Officer, Lindsay King
“CultureX’s technology, coupled with their thought leadership, is groundbreaking. They helped me and our people leadership team make sense of our culture in a whole new way and identified very concrete, unintuitive, and actionable steps that have led to measurable results for us. Would highly recommend CultureX and believe they are doing something no one else on the market is doing.”
- Lindsay King, U.S. Chief People Officer, AB-InBev

Brené Brown Loves CultureX

Picture of Brené Brown. Host of Dare to Lead Podcast
Brené Brown
Host of Dare to Lead
“This is…one of the most powerful Dare to Lead episodes we’ve recorded, especially in terms of data…[CultureX co-founders] Donald, and Charlie have done this incredible research into why people are leaving, what’s driving people out, what are the motivations behind the Great Resignation…get your notebooks out, get your pens out. If you’re moving, this is going to be one you’re going to have to listen to two, or three times. Listen to it the first time, second time get ready to take notes.”

Listen For Yourself

Start your Culture Journey Today

A strong culture can add 20% to your market capitalization,9 and requires little financial investment to build. It will also improve the lives of your employees. Find out how to build a great culture today.
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3. McKinsey research on enterprise agility.
4. CultureX co-founder Don Sull directs MIT’s Strategic Agility Project which consolidates evidence-based interventions to help organizations increase agility.
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